Security - Case Study

How dedicated professionals in our team addressed security issues?

  • A high end pharma research company
  • Based in CA, United States
  • Developed 200+ therapeutic or diagnostic products
  • Lacking in business operation security
  • Poor data privacy
  • Inadequate data management
  • Workflows are not security approved.
  • A hybrid security solution with encryption and Blockchain as core technology drivers
  • A highly secure and trustworthy environment.
  • Security approved business operations
  • Excellent data privacy
  • Internal workflows are hack proof and efficient
Addressing Security Concerns

The client is a US-based Biologics CRDMO with operations in California, Massachusetts, and Texas that provides integrated solutions ranging from discovery to engineering, development, and GMP manufacturing. The company specializes in the production and evaluation of antibodies, DNA vectors, viral vectors, cell lines, proteins, and conjugates. They have contributed to the development of 200+ therapeutic or diagnostic products and strive to contribute to hundreds more.

The client is a high-end pharma research company, and operationally 90% of their workforce is researchers, as critical to the business operation is security and privacy. It is equally important that the internal workflows and operations are hackproof and highly efficient.

Taking The Right Step

We at A3Logics identified the loopholes and helped them avail the best security solutions that can assist them in keeping their products safe and secure. Not only this, but they also worked on solutions that can assist them in addressing different loopholes that can lead to security-related issues.

A hybrid solution was proposed and delivered that leveraged encryption and Blockchain as core technology drivers. Today the client has one of the most advanced research labs that is enabling researchers to work on global problems like pandemics in a highly secure and trustworthy environment.

Overcoming All The Challenges

This challenge called for building tech-enabled solutions that ensured that workflows could be dynamically created, yet every step of the way needed to be secure. Our professionals ensure the Intellectual Property can not be compromised, and the focus was to have trust but make Security through tech enablement uncompromising.

Working in tandem with the client's requirements, we delivered a solution that helped the clients keep their products secure and safe. We ensured that their business process was unhackable and protected from all cybersecurity issues.